Post Update(2/4/2018) Talk Time.

Hey guys, jack here. Topic - V14 instead of V13 -

I wanted to speak about this game. Iv'e been fairly busy on side things that i haven't been able to work on this game. Its been about 3 months since i last touched it. (Yeah im that busy lol)

Any way,I currently have the current update but I
 need to fix some bugs before I do release the V14 patch. V13 of this game has the oculus set up finally(!!!!); but atlas, there is so many bugs that are happening... Soooo... I figured not to release this patch and just skip over it. So i thankk the people for downloading the game to see what I have made so far and I also thank the veiwers aswell. 
So without further a do, thanks for your patience and ill see you when I'll release v14 :)


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