Update(9/1/17)Something to do!

Added something to actaully do while to wait for more updates on VR BOX!

 --Updates Are For Brush Wizard Only--

  • Added exp give. 
    • kill 1 of the 3 mobs on the map for exp. level up after killing them
  • Added full controll list in dev log.
    • A,S,W,D to move. 
    • RIGHT CLICK to shoot bullets
    • SPACE BAR to jump
    • LEFT SHIFT to run.
    • F12 will recenter the rift & Display your FPS
      • (old line of code)
  • Forced Resolution to be 1280x720 only due to game is ment to be rift only. (might change)
  • Touch the brush logo next to the buildings to regain mana
    • Does nothing toyour health due to easy games
  • SHIFT does now only lets the player run, not gain stats back.
  • Bullets limited now
    • should be around 30 depending on if you glitch the touch button.
  • LVL cap is 120
    • extreme time consumation lol
  • If you fall off the map, the game closes 
    • So dont die

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Sep 01, 2017

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uhhh.... forgot to mention, you dont need to the rift to play.. In fact, the game is built only on the pc * windows 10 actaully.. sorry linux and mac :(  . I PLAN to later on, make the game center the Oculus Rift or even the HTC Vive. As of right now, the game has secret scripts and such that will make the transition from pc to rift and vise versa simple so keep in mind being this game is WELL under dev, I might create it back compatiable. -Thanks